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Protective Covenants
You should have received a copy of your covenants at purchase/closing. You can confirm you have the correct covenants or view/print a copy by using the map links below. If you have questions about enforcement policy for covenants, please see the enforcement policy under the "Minutes Section" on this website and/or send us your questions using the "Contact Us" button.

Note that your covenants may not yet be on this map/page because we are in the process of updating this as of fall 2018.

To find your specific covenants, click on the area of the map where you live.
Files are in Adobe Acrobat format and will open in a new window.

5th Supplement 6th Supplement 7th Supplement 8th Supplement 9th Supplement 10th Supplement Miller Creek View Addition 11th Supplement 12th Supplement 13th Supplement 14th Supplement 15th Supplement Linda Vista Estates If you know the covenant you are looking for, click the filename below.
[Upper Linda Vista Bylaws]
[5th Supplement]   [6th Supplement]   [7th Supplement]   [8th Supplement]
[9th Supplement]   [10th Supplement]   [11th Supplement]   [Miller Creek View Addition]  
[12th Supplement]   [13th Supplement]   [14th Supplement]   [15th Supplement]  
[Linda Vista Estates]  

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